Hougang By Elections Update 2!

"PAP vs WP"

Desmond Choo (L) and Png Eng Huat (R).


Workers’ Party nominee has been announced, with little surprise.
Mr Png Eng Huat, a businessman will be WP’s candidate for the By Elections in Hougang.

Little is known about him but he stepped up after the infamous Yaw Shin Leong, former Member of Parliament for Hougang, was sacked by the Workers’ Party for personal indiscretions. While Low of WP initially maintained that those were just rumors, they eventually sacked him because he did not turn up for the meetings to clarify matters.
If someone Low has known for so long could have indiscretions which Low did not know about, what makes anyone think that Mr Png would be more trustworthy or have integrity? I’m not doubting whether Mr Png has integrity or not. I am questioning if Low and his party knows Mr Png well enough?

Yaw Shin Leong’s scandal was the first in Singapore. The first time an Opposition got into Parliament by winning a GRC and the first time a MP was sacked by his party for indiscretions. Till date, Yaw Shin Leong has not stepped up to clarify. Some friends call him a coward. I don’t know better – but I wished he came up to speak, be clear and as the phrase goes “BE A MAN.”

According this Channelnewsasia article, I quote Low’s impression of Png:

“He described Mr Png as mature and the “right candidate” for the by-election.
Mr Low said he has known Mr Png before the 2006 General Election.
He said he observed the way he works for some time and is confident that he’s a person of integrity.
Mr Low said Mr Png is sincere in serving the people. He believes Hougang needs someone like Mr Png, who can connect with its residents.
Mr Low said if elected, Mr Png can contribute to the party’s leadership and parliamentary work.”

The answer logically is simple – because Png wasn’t as good as Yaw so WP decided to send Yaw instead!

Well, the truth is we never know everything even if we have spent a long time with them. Sincerity cannot be judged, it is tested and only seen over time. Integrity can only be revealed over time. Also don’t know what parliamentary work is Png going to support.. maybe be like Pritam, take someone’s else work and present it as his without attributing the source at the time of speech. Damn, you can get sacked from your university course for plagarism…. Or be like Gerald who didn’t know about MX9.. Old news but relevant nonetheless.

Well, the same might be said that we don’t know Desmond Choo, PAP’s candidate, for long. But Desmond, at least, he’s been working hard for more than 1 year while the WP MP was sorely Missing In Action (hence no speech link..)

Actually, I want a peaceful by election. One that is honourable and with integrity. For candidates of quality to fight cleanly and maintain peace amongst the people of Singapore. And for Mr Tan-Jee-Say-I-Don’t-Know-Be-MP-or-President-so-I-Just-Join-Both-Elections-And-Ended-Up-Losing-Both to just stop his press releases. It’s getting *quite* annoying every time he opens his mouth.

Psst. I prefer Desmond Choo. Like his Facebook page here.


Hougang By Elections Update

Breaking news!

1. Hougang By Elections have been called.

2. Nomination on May 16 2012.

3. Elections on May 26 2012.

PM Lee has also issued a statement via his Facebook Page.

Australia’s Labor Leadership Dispute & SG Politics

I have been following the Laborious Leadership dispute in Australia.

Quick background: Judy Gillard, PM of Australia, representing Labor Party, has set the stage for a leadership showdown on Monday, 27 February. Kevin Rudd, ex-foreign minister, abruptly resigned from leadership while he was on an official trip to Washington. Claiming betrayal, Rudd, is intending to challenge Gillard in the leadership stage on Monday. Tony Abbott, Opposition, representing Liberal Party is watching. Like a prey, it’s crouching in anticipation, of the dramatic collapse of Labor. Or at least, a decline in the public’s perception of the Labor Party’s credibility.

As a foreigner looking at this leadership tussle, in a time where there are urgent economic and social matters on hand, or well, at least their train transport issues, I wonder how the Australians feel.

A leader of the country, requires a strong mandate to lead. Failing which, it could result in an erosion of respect by other world leaders and a weaken hand during negotiations.

Which is why, in my small country, I will do my best to give my loudest support to the PAP government. It has proven its ability to lead on big negotiating tables and the individual ministers and PM Lee are respected by the world leaders.

When we lost George Yeo after the fall of Aljunied GRC, world leaders publicly expressed their dismay because they knew the man. Today, Aljunied is in the hands of a party embroiled in controversy after the expulsion of their Exco member due to allegations of adultery. Out of the 5 MPs representing Aljunied, one has remained silent throughout the entire saga. 2 have switched positions in a matter of days, slithering from support of the ex-Exco member to disassociation. 2 others – well, quite silent, as always perhaps?

And if you are interested in the By-Election status in Singapore, the PM has not called for one yet. The opposition has been asking PM to call for one quickly and so has an associate professor. So why hasn’t the PM called for it? It’s because of the Parliamentary model Singapore has adopted. You can check out the link here.


Something to say: Low rebuts PM Lee

Ah, now he has a lot to say 🙂 And perhaps a tinge of resemblance in cockiness.

A stark change from the previous attempts to get his comment and opinion on YSL.

WP’s Low rebuts PM Lee: We have not let the people down

Does anyone know the meaning of letting people down? When the elected cannot fulfil the roles & responsibilities of the electorate, it has failed to meet the expectation that the elected will represent the electorate.

Phrasal Verbs:

let down


a. To withdraw support from; forsake.
b. To fail to meet the expectations of; disappoint.

dis·ap·point verb \ˌdis-ə-ˈpȯint\


Definition of DISAPPOINT

transitive verb
: to fail to meet the expectation or hope of : frustrate <the team disappointed its fans>
intransitive verb
: to cause disappointment <where the show disappoints most is in the work of the younger generation — John Ashbery>

Examples of DISAPPOINT

  1. The team disappointed its fans.
  2. The show may disappoint some viewers.
  3. The novel disappoints by being predictable and overly long.



You Say It Best.. When You Say Nothing At All


Hot off the press! Changes in the WP leadership! With two professional lawyers in their EXCO, the Workers Party has held its silence on the allegations concerning Mr Yaw. This means they could potentially sue anyone for defamation.. 

Today, they have however announced that Mr Yaw has stepped down from their Exco and the role has been filled by NMP Mr Yee. No reason given. 


*insert Ronan Keatings’s voice* YOU SAY IT BEST, WHEN YOU SAY NOTHING AT ALL.

So much for transparency. As a member of the Public, I DEMAND for transparency and clarification. 

Why the People still want to know about Mr Yaw’s Alleged Infidelity

Allegations of Mr Yaw’s infidelity was first published in the infamous TR Emeritus website. Who is Mr Yaw? According to Wikipedia (my BFF)… Mr Yaw is “currently the Treasurer of The Workers’ Party of Singapore, and a Member of Parliament representing the constituency of Hougang after the 2011 Singapore General Elections.”

Since news of this broke, the party’s key leadership has been uncharacteristically silent on these “rumors”. Mr Yaw, a Christian, himself has been very silent, skipped a session of the regular Meet the People (MPS) session in his constituency when all his other co-MPs (WP) were conducting their MPS.

His wife, Ms Wang Lin (whom I personally think most unfortunately suggests that the rumors are true) commented that people were sensationalising news, “What’s the role of a journalist/editor? To sensationalise so as to create readership? Putting together piecemeal comments taken out of context such that it creates a picture of ‘reality’? Gutter journalism out on a prowl to create maximum damages. May God bless them.”

Mr Yaw’s silence is extremely damning because not too many weeks ago, he gave a strong opinion in Parliament on Ministerial Pay. In his speech, he said, “… Only with transparency and meaningful information available can Singaporeans be — and remain — convinced that changes to the pay of our political leaders are not undertaken solely to advance their material interests… ”

As a public figure representing his constituency and also Singapore as a Member of Parliament, Mr Yaw has a public responsibility to ensure his credibility is sound and reputation of highest standards. The principle of transparency cannot change according to his or her own whims and must be rigorously applied to Mr Yaw’s own life!

What the wife says, speaks a lot about the politician. The wife adds or deducts public perception points on the politician. The wife can lift or sabotage the political campaign of her husband. The Financial Times recently published an article on role of the wife in the life of a politician. Ms Anna Fifield titled her article “US campaigners’ wives play ‘humanising’ role.” They share the perspectives of a wife (I actually laughed at Mrs Obama’s anecdote on Mr Obama and his socks), projecting their husbands as an Everyman.

Or they can, in Mr Yaw’s case, suggest that he had unashamedly (since he has not addressed the rumors…) committed adultery.

This is why, Mr Yaw… You should come out and address these allegations. Going by the active forum postings, this is why we – the People you represent, still want to know about Mr Yaw’s alleged affair.