Yale-Singapore – Is Singapore so bad?

Came across some good articles I’ll like to share on the Yale-Singapore controversy. If you have been away, I am happy to introduce you to the Yale-NUS College. Yale, together with NUS, has set up a liberal arts college in Singapore. The contention by some in Yale is that there is no academic freedom in Singapore, thus stifling the possibilities of a vibrant academic culture.

Sharing with you 2 articles:

An unnatural country’s take on democracy. ( If Yale can go to China to teach and set up programmes, why is it so controversial to go to Singapore? )

Yale-NUS a timely, visionary initiative: Four reasons why resolution adopted by Yale faculty is disappointing by Professor Tommy Koh

I rise in support of this academic collaboration. Education has had its way in shaping my mind, just like it did (does) for the Yale faculty who participated in the voting process