High Low Migration – which is better?

I chanced upon this article while looking for another. It was posted 2 years ago yet I find the problem very real in Singapore today.

The journalist, Danny Dorling, posted in the Guardian:

Why low migration levels threaten the UK’s economic and social health

The falling fertility rate and an ageing population mean too little immigration may turn out to be a bigger problem for the UK than too much migration, says Danny Dorling

His main question was how would the UK maintain its attractiveness as a place for migrants to come to.

Similarly in Singapore, there are signs of increasing intolerance for the behaviours of the foreigners in our land. Yet, the bigger question was, “Will they stop coming?”

What happens if the migrants stop wanting to come to Singapore for various reasons? The strongest would be probably economic reasons. If Singapore stops being a place for economic growth and success, the tap would naturally dry up. Along with it, the massive outflow of people, the same way it is in Europe today.

Perhaps, it is not a bad sign that people want to come to Singapore.


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