Australia’s Labor Leadership Dispute & SG Politics

I have been following the Laborious Leadership dispute in Australia.

Quick background: Judy Gillard, PM of Australia, representing Labor Party, has set the stage for a leadership showdown on Monday, 27 February. Kevin Rudd, ex-foreign minister, abruptly resigned from leadership while he was on an official trip to Washington. Claiming betrayal, Rudd, is intending to challenge Gillard in the leadership stage on Monday. Tony Abbott, Opposition, representing Liberal Party is watching. Like a prey, it’s crouching in anticipation, of the dramatic collapse of Labor. Or at least, a decline in the public’s perception of the Labor Party’s credibility.

As a foreigner looking at this leadership tussle, in a time where there are urgent economic and social matters on hand, or well, at least their train transport issues, I wonder how the Australians feel.

A leader of the country, requires a strong mandate to lead. Failing which, it could result in an erosion of respect by other world leaders and a weaken hand during negotiations.

Which is why, in my small country, I will do my best to give my loudest support to the PAP government. It has proven its ability to lead on big negotiating tables and the individual ministers and PM Lee are respected by the world leaders.

When we lost George Yeo after the fall of Aljunied GRC, world leaders publicly expressed their dismay because they knew the man. Today, Aljunied is in the hands of a party embroiled in controversy after the expulsion of their Exco member due to allegations of adultery. Out of the 5 MPs representing Aljunied, one has remained silent throughout the entire saga. 2 have switched positions in a matter of days, slithering from support of the ex-Exco member to disassociation. 2 others – well, quite silent, as always perhaps?

And if you are interested in the By-Election status in Singapore, the PM has not called for one yet. The opposition has been asking PM to call for one quickly and so has an associate professor. So why hasn’t the PM called for it? It’s because of the Parliamentary model Singapore has adopted. You can check out the link here.



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