Chirp Cheap!

“Oh it’s so cheap!”

When my friends and their wives head over to our neighbouring countries, they often chirp “cheap cheap! It’s so cheap!”

Back in Singapore, they moan “Expensive! Pay AND Pay! (PAP)”

Well… wouldn’t it be a greater concern if things were cheap in Singapore and you realise that your Sing dollars wouldn’t take you very far around the world?

Today, Singaporeans are able to travel regularly due to the strong SGD. Sales are brisk during NATAS fairs. Or rather pre-NATAS fairs as seen here. Year on year, we have record breaking travel sales. Stay tuned to the final sales figure when NATAS fair ends on Feb 26 – we might just have another new record!

Has anyone wondered why is the Sing dollar strong? Fluke or sound government decisions over the years? 🙂 It always points to the latter!

“Merkel taking Europe in wrong direction, says Soros”
So who’s right here? Sorros or Merkel?

We will only know the effects later.. by then it is either right or.. too late.


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