Why the People still want to know about Mr Yaw’s Alleged Infidelity

Allegations of Mr Yaw’s infidelity was first published in the infamous TR Emeritus website. Who is Mr Yaw? According to Wikipedia (my BFF)… Mr Yaw is “currently the Treasurer of The Workers’ Party of Singapore, and a Member of Parliament representing the constituency of Hougang after the 2011 Singapore General Elections.”

Since news of this broke, the party’s key leadership has been uncharacteristically silent on these “rumors”. Mr Yaw, a Christian, himself has been very silent, skipped a session of the regular Meet the People (MPS) session in his constituency when all his other co-MPs (WP) were conducting their MPS.

His wife, Ms Wang Lin (whom I personally think most unfortunately suggests that the rumors are true) commented that people were sensationalising news, “What’s the role of a journalist/editor? To sensationalise so as to create readership? Putting together piecemeal comments taken out of context such that it creates a picture of ‘reality’? Gutter journalism out on a prowl to create maximum damages. May God bless them.”

Mr Yaw’s silence is extremely damning because not too many weeks ago, he gave a strong opinion in Parliament on Ministerial Pay. In his speech, he said, “… Only with transparency and meaningful information available can Singaporeans be — and remain — convinced that changes to the pay of our political leaders are not undertaken solely to advance their material interests… ”

As a public figure representing his constituency and also Singapore as a Member of Parliament, Mr Yaw has a public responsibility to ensure his credibility is sound and reputation of highest standards. The principle of transparency cannot change according to his or her own whims and must be rigorously applied to Mr Yaw’s own life!

What the wife says, speaks a lot about the politician. The wife adds or deducts public perception points on the politician. The wife can lift or sabotage the political campaign of her husband. The Financial Times recently published an article on role of the wife in the life of a politician. Ms Anna Fifield titled her article “US campaigners’ wives play ‘humanising’ role.” They share the perspectives of a wife (I actually laughed at Mrs Obama’s anecdote on Mr Obama and his socks), projecting their husbands as an Everyman.

Or they can, in Mr Yaw’s case, suggest that he had unashamedly (since he has not addressed the rumors…) committed adultery.

This is why, Mr Yaw… You should come out and address these allegations. Going by the active forum postings, this is why we – the People you represent, still want to know about Mr Yaw’s alleged affair.


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