SPP Drama Continues

When SPP unveiled their candidates for the General Elections 2011, I thought their selection clearly suggested the start of the renewal process for the party. Which is well fine and good.

Until the public came to know of the resignation of their potential young leaders from their Central Executive Council (CEC). It seems to have brought their renewal process to an abrupt halt. The SPP’s credibility as a political party is also on a downward slide as their ex-CEC members continue to speak out against them. Even the recently held election of the CEC has been controversial.

Firstly, it seems that certain members did not wish to be part of the CEC, did not turn up and yet *was* elected into the CEC! Read more here!

Secondly, Mr Benjamin Pwee, part of those who recently resigned has claimed that the election was not valid. Read more from this Straits Times link.

Mr Chiam has refuted these claims. Read here.

IMHO, let’s just say.. the damage has been done. A party that cannot stick together and one that cannot control its internal party politics is not ready to be a representative for Singaporeans. This is the sad state of one of the “credible opposition” parties.


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